Aloo Tama Food

It is known as “Navavarsha” in Nepal. Nepal has its official calendar that begins from the first day of the first month Baisakh. This very first day is observed as Nepali New Year which usually falls in the second week of April. People go the day socializing in various ways as this day is also a national holiday

Fish food

As soon as the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announces the sighting of the new moon, announcements are made from mosques, television channels and radio stations. Festivities begin almost instantly and continue all night until the morning Fajr prayer. Entire families head out towards the local bazaars, markets and shopping malls. Women usually purchase items such as Shalwar Kameez, bangles, jewellery and...

Special Biryani

On the night before Eid, people search for the new moon to mark the end of Ramadan and arrival of Eid al-Fitr. The day starts with morning prayers and a large breakfast with family members. People visit family and friends, and share gifts and sweets. During the evening, Pakistanis often party, visit restaurants, or relax in city parks. Money is given for charity and as gifts to young children. On...

Bangladeshi sweets

December 16th , the streets around the country are covered with garlands to commemorate the anniversary of the country’s independence. Through various parades, the archipelago recalls the time when the country’s first president, General Sukarno, declared a new state. During this time, numerous public institutions, especially public schools, organize adequate performances.